Hi, we’re Digit! Let’s get to know each other.

Hello developers community!

Let us introduce ourselves, we’re Digit. A brand new software event for the people who dig IT. It’s a place to come together to enjoy technical talks, handy workshops, networking and cool vibes.

As many software conferences face the global struggle of the C (yes, Covid), we took upon ourselves to bring together the community so we don’t forget how our friends and peers look like. Do you even remember when was the last time you went to a software event?

In addition to seeing familiar and friendly faces, we are looking to inspire and aspire computer nerds to become tech-decision makers. It’s all of us that will change the way we see software in the future with game-changing ideas, new paradigms in leadership and innovative tech startups. For this, we’re balancing the program between deeply technical talks, dev-team managerial discussions and personal experiences from international and local peers.

In the following months we’ll uncover a lot of details and surprises you’ll be a part of whilst attending Digit 2021 conference. Until then, save the date (24th September) and plan your way to Tartu, Estonia.

See you there!

Ermo, founder of Digit