How to make the most of Digit 2022 –like a pro!

The first-ever Digit will take place already this Friday, April 2022. We’re super excited to welcome you at the Estonian National Museum. Here’s everything you need to know about the event - before, during and after. And we mean everything! So please take the time to read through this survival guide.

1. Picking up your badge

The doors to Digit open at 9:00. Before entering the venue, you'll have to pick up your badge. Our registration team will be waiting for you as soon as the doors open at the Estonian National Museum. Follow the signage at the venue to find them! Although the stage program begins at 10, we encourage you to come early to avoid long queues. There won’t be any opportunities to pick up your badge before the conference day.

To save everyone's time at the venue and make the registration process as easy as possible, please fill in your ticket info beforehand and have your QR code ready to be scanned when it’s your turn at the table.

You'll find a link on your ticket where you can add your name and organization. These will be printed on your badge at the venue. Similarly and perhaps even more importantly, if you bought tickets for your whole organization, please make sure you assign them to the right people and double-check all the information is correct!

Our registration team thanks you for doing all this ahead of time.

2. Join the virtual event app Brella and create a game plan

We opened our virtual event app Brella for all the attendees on Monday, April 18th. So, all ticket owners should have the access code on their email.

On Brella, you’ll find the full agenda and all other participants. You’ll be able to bookmark sessions you want to listen to, create a personalized agenda, schedule meetings with other attendees, browse the virtual demo area and watch the stage program live.

PS! If you haven’t received your code and have bought your ticket before Monday, please get in contact with us so we can send it to you again. If you bought your ticket on or after Monday, you’ll also find the Brella access code on your ticket. So, if you haven’t received an email from us yet, then check there.

3. Orienteering game at the demo area

Our partners have prepared interactive games for you at the demo area. To take part, all you have to do is visit demo area booths and complete a task they give you, for example playing a game or solving a riddle. Then, they will give you a stamp on your game card. Collect all the stamps for a chance to win prizes like VR glasses or noise-canceling headphones.

4. Mark your calendar for the Digit Afterparty Powered by Fractory

After the main conference, we invite all attendees to Humal for the afterparty powered by Fractory. We’ve got a fun program planned for you, including our favourite DJ Georg, the brass band CHILLS and a surprise performance from one of the keynote speakers.

Doors open at 20:00 and the party is only open to Digit participants so don’t forget your wristband!

Find more information on under the Facebook event here:

5. Transportation to the venue and around Tartu

The Estonian National Museum is about 2.6 kilometers from the city center. The address is Muuseumi tee 2, but “Estonian National Museum” should give you the right address in most Map applications as well.

To get to the venue, you can walk, ride a bike, take a bus, call a taxi, use the Bolt app, or drive a Beast Tesla. If you’re coming with your own car, there are plenty of parking spots available around the venue.

The most stylish way to get to the venue is to rent a Tesla from the Beast app  (download it from the App Store or Google Play). Use the token DIGITBEAST after downloading the app to win 2-500 euros of driving credit!

If you want to feel like a true Tartuvian, we recommend using the city bike sharing system. There are more than 80 stations all around Tartu where you can pick up and dock your bike, including one right next to the venue. Electric bikes came back from the winter holiday at the beginning of the month and a 24h subscription only costs 5€, so it’s undoubtedly a great option for transportation.

If you’re taking a bus, line 7 will get you closest to the entrance (stop ERM). Line number 8 also stops about 750m away (stop Killustiku). Both of these have stops in the city center Raeplats or Soola I).

For taxis, you have two options: the good old-fashioned taxis where you call a dispatcher who will send a driver to your location (see all numbers for taxi services in Tartu here), or the Bolt app (download it from the App Store or Google Play). Speaking of the Bolt app, that’s the place to rent scooters from as well! Use the same app you use to order a taxi.

6. Food and drinks at the venue

To keep your stomachs full and energy high, the Estonian National Museum’s restaurant Pööripäev will be offering food all day long. There, you can order their daily offer or grab something a la carte. There will also be a coffee station as well to keep you caffeinated throughout the event, and water is available from the tap.

We encourage you to bring your own coffee cup and refillable water bottle with you to reduce the amount of single-use waste.

7. Pets at the venue

Unfortunately, pets are not allowed at the venue. It is THE Estonian National Museum, so we hope you understand.

8. #digitconf

We’d love to see your emotions and favourite moments of the conf on social media. Make sure to use our hashtag #digitconf and tag us @digitconf across all channels so we could see! Please do follow us as well on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram for relevant updates.

If you still have any questions, reach out to us via social media or See you soon!