Not just another software/tech event!

We’ll keep this post short and straightforward. There are many software focused tech events in Estonia and the region. Many have specific focuses on technologies (such as Java for GeekOut, Python for PyCon or testing for Nordic Testing Days), others are small informal gatherings (such as DevClub or MobileMonday). We are not trying to replicate or replace any of these as they play an important role in the IT community.

Digit was born from the experience of the Baltics flagship startup mindset festival called sTARTUp Day. It plays an important role in sharing of experiences, networking with peers and creating synergy between people with different backgrounds. Our aim is to provide the same to the developers community via carefully curated stage program, hands-on workshops, networking opportunities and an open atmosphere.

The program will consist of a wide array of specific topics that can be summarised with the following keywords:
# technical talks on software trends
# software managerial topics (product & team)
# personal development

All in all, this means that we are looking to share inspiration and applicable insights to making decisions on the software development process - either as a CTO, team lead, product owner, engineer, architect, coder or designer.

The event is open for everyone in the IT scene interested in becoming a better leader in his/hers position and role:
# developers (in all stacks)
# architects
# engineers
# team leads
# product owners
# QA & testers
# CTO, CPO, CIO, …

We’re turning computer nerds into tech decision-makers!